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PPC Advertising is complicated and mistakes can be costly. We make sure our clients get it right. We Help Businesses of ALL Sizes

Pay Per Click Management

Setting up a Google AdWords Search Marketing campaign to be profitable is increasingly complex.  Optimizing your search marketing for maximum conversion, getting your ad copyright, setting your bid strategy, analyzing the competition and dealing with Google regulations and constant changes is only something you can do after years of experience and dedication.   Our PPC  campaigns are fully optimized to get the best click-thru rates and ultimately increasing conversions leading to better results for our clients year after year. Our Pay Per Click build-out would include:

  • 1 Google PPC Ad campaign with unlimited Keywords
  • 1 Remarketing campaign
  • Create conversions and Remarketing list
  • Provide the scripts for conversion tracking in Google analytics or a tag manager. (Installation of the scripts is necessary)
  • Weekly report
  • 1 Bing PPC Ad campaign
  • (Optional cost extra) If you want Gmail ads
First, we’ll need to learn more about your company, top competitors and target audience. Next, we will recommend an advertising strategy unique for your business. After all of us feel this is a good fit, we will accept payment and get to work creating or overhauling your existing campaigns.
We manage Facebook, Google AdWords & Bing Ads for all types of businesses from small to large. These platforms are very powerful if you use them the right way. We eliminate the confusion and increase revenue by focusing on efficient ad spend, targeted audiences and a profitable ROI for every campaign.
If you’re serious about growing your business through effective online advertising, you need to schedule a call with us today. We are a Google Certified Partner, which means we are trained and have passed extensive exams. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

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We Have the Solution for Paid Ads Biggest Problem

By far the biggest problem we see in the pay per click ad world is optimization. Lack of optimization is the single biggest reason that paid ads have poor performance and a bad ROI. We have not seen a campaign yet, out of the many that we have taken on, that has proper optimization. We can take an existing pay per click ad set, optimize it and produce for you a better ROI and bring you in more business than you have seen before.

The Answer Is Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) AdWords

We are Google Certified AdWords Experts.  Our expertise can help place you at the top of the search engine to get maximum visibility.  Our campaigns are fully optimized to provide you with the best landscape coverage and best bid amount (cost) for that ad position.  As Google rewards our ads with the excellent Quality Scores that we are able to deliver.  This is key to any successful ad campaign and to achieve the maximum ROI.  Your dollars will gain the best advantage with our expertise. You need a PPC expert in your corner to help you gain the advantage over your competition.  Most businesses try to wing it on their own and as a result waste, a lot of time and money paying for ads that are not optimized and the proper keyword analysis is not done to produce the best results for the cheaper bid price.  Google rewards quality.

Small Business Trends statesPPC campaigns require a lot of knowledge and experience in order to be as successful as they should be. In other words, they’re best left to the professionals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important reasons why.

1. An Expert Can Help You Come Up with a Strategy That Really Works

Starting, managing, and ultimately succeeding with PPC requires a detailed, well-thought-out strategy if it’s going to generate results. An expert can help you formulate that strategy by putting his or her head together with yours in order to settle on something that could really deliver. You contribute the insider knowledge as far as what you’re looking to achieve with your business, services, or products. The expert brings years of hands-on experience to the table and applies it to coming up with a strategy that’s been proven to deliver results for businesses like yours in your industry. Having expert knowledge in your corner right from the get-go helps take the guesswork out of the equation. Your results will be faster and more dramatic because of this.

2. An Expert Can Help You Decide Which Keywords Will Yield the Best Results

You as the website owner may already have a decent idea what keywords and key phrases have been working well, just via the experience of search engine optimizing your website. However, an expert will be able to tell you whether or not you should be targeting the same set of keywords with your PPC campaign or expanding your horizons. Experts can make short work of researching which choices will be best by taking multiple factors into consideration. They can accurately assess the market and determine what’s working thanks to current trends. They will also be in the know as far as the constantly changing face of what approaches are most effective with the search engines. In other words, experts know important information that a layman would only be guessing at.

3. An Expert Can Help You Draft an Ad That Will Get You Results

There’s a lot that goes into a PPC ad that is successful. Choosing the right keywords and making smart bids on those keywords are only part of the equation. Successful ads are written and structured a certain way, and PPC marketing experts know everything there is to know about what might make one ad significantly more successful than another. A well-written ad put together by an expert will be more effective at attracting and holding the fickle attention of a Web surfer that is on a mission to find information. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’re not unwittingly breaking any of the rules and regulations the search engines might have in place.

4. An Expert Can Help You Build Credibility with Your PPC Platform

Most of the major search engines — including the big shots like Bing and Google — assign something called a quality score to advertisers. What your score is and how it will evolve over time depend on a variety of different factors. Part of your score is determined by the quality of the keyword usage, not only within your ads, but on the landing pages they point to. Your account history with the platform and the degree of focus with which you target your ads will be part of the equation, too. Expert PPC teams know all the ins and outs of helping you establish a high quality score, and they’ll be able to help you keep it that way. Not only do advertisers with higher scores tend to achieve better results when it comes to their campaigns, but they stand to save a lot of money on their bidding costs to boot.

5. An Expert Can Leave You Free to Focus on Other Aspects of Running Your Business

While it’s true that most independent business people wear many hats these days, it’s simply not possible for any one person to wear them all, especially as a business grows and picks up steam. A PPC campaign that’s as focused and well curated as it should be can take up a lot of your time. Hiring a professional to strategize, manage and direct your campaign will make it possible for you to spend your own time on product development, employee management, company blogging or customer service. The right company will keep you involved throughout every step of the process but will handle all of the nitty-gritty details so that you can focus your energy where it’s needed most.

Choosing the Right Company for the Job

Of course, realizing that a professional PPC marketing company is the way to go with your campaign is one thing. Determining which of your many options is a good bet is another. Make sure that you choose a company with years of hands-on experience managing PPC campaigns for companies like yours. They should, of course, be able to show you evidence of past successes to prove any claims they make about the value of their services. You also want to make sure you choose a company that places a high premium on customer service. They should seem personally invested in what they do, seeing you as a person first and a customer second. Explore your options today and experience the true power of a well-orchestrated PPC campaign firsthand!

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